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A Note From Our Founder

From the Desk of Jace Campbell, CPA

Dear Doctor,

We launched the National Aligner Network to solve a problem facing prospective Invisalign patients:

No mechanism currently exists to validate the quality of the Invisalign patient experience that a doctor provides to his or her patients.

The Invisalign Advantage Program's rating system is based on volume of cases started in the past 6 to 12 months. You and I know this - but patients do not.

Patients choose Invisalign over the DIY aligners because of the level of care they expect from their dentist or orthodontist.

We believe that patients deserve to know all the facts about Invisalign.

  • Learn why Invisalign truly is an exceptional clear aligner system when compared to the DIY brands.
  • Learn how the ClinCheck treatment planning process works.
  • And understand why not every Invisalign provider will provide the exact same patient experience and clinical outcome.

Our mission at the National Aligner Network is to connect highly-educated and financially-committed patients with an Invisalign provider who will provide an amazing patient experience. For us, we define an amazing experience as one where the patient:

  • gets a beautiful smile;
  • with normal occlusion; and,
  • in the timeframe originally planned with minimal refinements.

As a Certified Public Accountant who has consulted with small businesses for years, it was important for me to create a solution that first served the patient - but one that was also fiscally responsible for you as the Practice Owner.

That is why we've combined the experience of clear aligner experts, direct marketers, financial advisors and the world's largest treatment planning service to deliver new Invisalign patients to you without financial or clinical limitations.

We are so confident that we only get paid when you get paid.

You have NO upfront investment, NO monthly retainer, NO directory fees, NO advertising spend, NO lead generation costs.

We spend our own money to attract patients interested in clear aligners. We invest in our own content to educate the patients about the benefits of Invisalign. And then when they are ready for an in-person consultation . . . we connect them with YOU!

Seems too good to be true.

I would be skeptical also.

We've already heard from Align Technology reps . . . is this real?

It is. Learn more about us and allow us to earn your trust.

Complete our contact info below and I'll send you our Provider's Packet with more information on pricing and market availability. You're also welcome to call me at (844) 961-1888 or email me if you'd like to chat.

To your success,

Jace Campbell

Founder, ClearSmile Network

Founder, National Aligner Network

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