Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Sheldon Krancher

Co-Founder, Clear Global

Henk Geer

Co-Founder, ClearTPS

Dr. Michael R Smith DDS

Owner, Accent Dental Group

Jace Campbell, CPA

Founder, National Aligner Network

Who We Are

ClearSmile Network is a collaborative effort of industry professionals whose expertise spans the full spectrum of building a more profitable clear aligner practice. You will find resourceful contributions from:

  • Industry insiders with decades of experience at major clear aligner manufacturers.
  • Business growth experts with the mindset, systems, and experience to guide unparalleled growth. 
  • Financial advisors, CPA's, attorneys, and valuation specialists to help you extract the most wealth from your practice.
  • Treatment planning professionals with the combined experience of over 40,000 case starts.
  • Vendors and suppliers who have committed to lead with education-first content for your benefit.

Why We Exist

Clear aligners have created the perfect storm of opportunity - not just opportunity for dentists, but rather opportunity for millions of patients who silently suffer malocclusion . . . unhappy with their smile but unable to commit to metal braces.

As industry professionals, we found a growing gap between the profit potential of dental practices and the know-how to effectively integrate a clear aligner offering. Big manufacturers have created training for their providers, but conflicts of interest exist between pushing case volume and ensuring clinical results.

At-home aligner solutions have introduced broad market appeal despite a business model that may be placing patients long-term well-being at risk. This isn't our opinion - there is a clinical reason why a major at-home aligner has been the subject of complaint by the state dental boards in 36 states.

We believe clear aligner solutions should be a profit-maximizer for dentists.

And we believe that by shifting your mindset, focusing on every facet of marketing, and supporting your clinical confidence, you will be in the best position to become a market leader for your patients and prospective patients. We believe this to be the case while being brand agnostic to any one manufacturer.

What We Do

Investor's Mindset

You see yourself as a Dentist.

We see you as an Investor.

Our business-building experts will shift your mindset and give you the tools to think beyond the status quo.

Everything Is Marketing

Every touchpoint with a patient is marketing.

From your website to waiting area to in-office technology to presentation.

Our experts deliver insight and strategy solely focused on generating revenue.

Clinical Confidence

Stop overlooking malocclusion in your practice. Stop referring cases (and revenue) out.  Start delivering predictable results with fewer refinements.

 Join our experts who have optimized over 100,000 treatment plans since 2012.